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Bible Books Page

My Bible Log Bible Books Page Screenshot

The Bible Books page allows you to navigate the books of the Bible and track your reading progress through the whole Bible.

At the top of the page is a progress bar of the entire Bible. This progress bar doesn't simply fill from left to right - it fills in piece-by-piece as you read parts of the Bible.

If you read at the beginning, in Genesis, the beginning of the progress bar will turn blue. If you read at the end, in Revelation, the end will turn blue. Even if you read a single psalm from the middle of the Bible, you will see a sliver of blue in that place.

Think of this progress bar like the edge of the pages in a closed paper Bible. If the pages you've read turned blue, this is what you would see.

As expected, the Bible Books page lists all the books of the Bible. Beside each book is a gray star. This star will turn gold once the book is completed. Each book also has its own progress bar so you can easily track your progress through different sections of the Bible.

Individual Book Pages

My Bible Log Individual Book Page Screenshot

From the Bible Books page, you can click on any book to view a progress page specific to that book. At the top of this page is the same progress bar from the Bible Books page, showing which parts of the book are complete.

This page also displays a grid of the different chapters in the book. Each chapter displays a progress bar, along with a fraction expressing the number of verses in that chapter that you've read. Each chapter has a gray star that will turn gold when the chapter is complete.

You can click on any chapter to either Open or Track that chapter:

  • The Open option will try to open chapters in the YouVersion Bible app on mobile devices and on on desktop devices.
  • The Track option will create a new log entry for that chapter. You are able to adjust this log entry before saving it. This is useful if you only read part of the chapter or if you read multiple chapters and wanted to log them all at once.