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Chapter Checklist Page

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The Chapter Checklist page is the simplest and fastest way to track your reading, as it allows you to mark a chapter as "read" with a single click or tap.

You can click or tap a chapter again to mark it as "unread" if you make a mistake.

Behind the scenes, the checklist will create a reading log entry for you. This means your reading will show up on every other page of the site as well.

A Convenient, Whole Bible Chapter Reading Checklist

The Chapter Checklist page covers all 1,189 chapters of the Bible.

You can find many printable chapter reading checklists on the internet, but they often cover more than one sheet of paper because there are so many chapters in the Bible.

It would be easy to lose or damage such a valuable piece of paper. Instead, you can use My Bible Log so you don't have to worry about losing your progress or forgetting what you've read.

How to Read the Bible in a Year

If you want to read the Bible in a year, you need to know how much to read each day.

If you are counting the verses you read each day, then you need to read 86 verses on average to finish reading the Bible in 365 days.

For chapters, the math isn't as easy. If you divide 1,189 chapters by 365 days, you get just over 3.25 chapters per day. That means if you want to read the same number of chapters each day, you will need to read four chapters daily.

However, reading four chapters each day will mean you finish the Bible in 298 days - over two months early! That's a lot of extra reading to keep up with.

Instead, read at least 3 chapters per day, but make sure to read that extra fourth chapter once or twice a week to keep up the pace. If you read 23 chapters a week, you will finish the Bible in a year.