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My Bible Log is a free online Bible reading tracker.

With My Bible Log, you can read the whole Bible at your own pace, following your own plan. You can see what you've read and when you read it. You can set a daily reading goal and see your progress each day.

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My Bible Log showing Bible reading suggestions

Reading Suggestions

Convenient reading suggestions make it easy to find something to read next.

The suggested passages help you find unread chapters based on your recent log entries.

Use them to reach your daily reading goal.

Daily Reading Goal

You can set your own goal of how many new verses to read each day.

Reading at least 86 new verses a day means you will read the entire Bible in a year.

My Bible Log showing a daily reading goal being met
My Bible Log showing reading progress and goal setting features

Set Goals

You can choose a date when you want to finish reading the Bible.

My Bible Log will work backwards to determine how many verses you need to read each day to meet your goal.

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Reading Calendar

You can view and edit any log entry you've made. Look through your past Bible reading to gain new insights on your habits.

A gold star will appear on days where you met your daily reading goal.

You can also export and import your reading log as a spreadsheet.

My Bible Log calendar showing reading trends over time.
My Bible Log showing which Bible chapters are read

Track Book Chapter Progress

See which chapters you've read, and open chapters to read in a Bible app or website.

Easily track your reading with the "Track" button. You can log a chapter without any typing.

Chapters you've read will show a gold star.

Track Whole Bible Progress

Get a birds-eye view of the entire Bible, and see what percentage of each book you've read.

The progress bars show your reading in-place, so you can tell where in each book or the whole Bible you still need to read.

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My Bible Log showing reading progress for the whole Bible
My Bible Log showing reading notes

Take Bible Reading Notes

Take charge of your Bible reading with a powerful and flexible notes feature.

Write down your questions so you can come back to them later.

Create a record of your learning as you study scriptures.

Organize Notes with Custom Tags

Define your own tags and customize the colors for easy recognition.

Use tags to support your personal Bible study workflows.

Tags can identify memory verses, open questions, topics of interest, and much more.

My Bible Log showing custom note tags
My Bible Log showing chapter reading checklist

Track Reading with a Single Click

Short on time?

Mark a chapter as "read" with a single click or tap on the Chapter Checklist page.

This creates a log entry for you, allowing you to view your reading on other pages as well.

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The approximate number of years over which the books of the Bible were written.


The number of authors to whom the books of the Bible are traditionally attributed.


The number of days it can take you to read the Bible - or less!


The price you will pay to use My Bible Log.


The number of ads you will see on My Bible Log.

Reading the Bible in a Year

One goal of My Bible Log is to help more people read the entire Bible.

The Bible is a huge book. Technically, it's an anthology of 66 books. Those 66 books were later organized into chapters and verses, with a verse being basically a sentence.

There are 31,102 verses in the Bible. That's a lot of reading.

If you want to read the Bible in a year you need to read 86 verses a day. Now that's more manageable. And if you know that some days and times work better than others, you can read more during those times and let it all balance out. It's up to you.

Instead of following someone else's reading plan, you can log your Bible reading from sermons, small groups, reading plans, and devotionals. All the reading you are already doing counts toward your goal. As long as you keep reading new verses, your reading will cover the entire Bible. If you read an average of 86 verses each day, you'll finish reading the Bible in a year.

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The number of books in the Bible.


The number of chapters in the Bible.


The total number of verses in the Bible.


The average number of chapters you need to read each day to read the Bible in a year.


The number of verses you need to read each day to finish reading the Bible in a year.

My Bible Log installed as a desktop app

Install Anywhere

My Bible Log is a website, but it is also an app. Use it your way.

You can install My Bible Log on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

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Bible Reading Tracker Features

Most Bible reading plans tell you what to read and when you should read it. In contrast, you tell My Bible Log what you've read and when you read it. This is your personal Bible reading tracker. Have it your way.

My Bible Log's features are designed to be quick and easy to use.

Progress Tracking

See how much of the Bible and each individual book you've already read, so you can focus on reading new parts of the Bible.

Daily Reading Goal

Set a goal of how many verses to read each day and watch each log entry move you closer to your goal.

Reading Suggestions

Get recommendations for what to read next to keep you moving through the Bible.

Social Sign In

No need to set a password unless you want to. Sign in with Google or Facebook to start using My Bible Log now!

No Typing

Log your reading without a keyboard. You can choose books, chapters, and verse numbers with no typing.

Direct Bible Linking

You can open a Bible reading app or website directly from My Bible Log.

Export / Import

You can export your reading log as a spreadsheet, or import a spreadsheet to quickly get started.

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You can install My Bible Log as an app on your phone, tablet, or computer.